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SAT Test Prep Course

Online & Onsite 

Customized Curriculum by SAT Tutoring Experts in NYC

THiNK PREP offers intensive 1-on-1 or small group SAT test prep courses online & onsite.  Our comprehensive SAT prep classes are led by English & Math experts and will help you achieve a higher score. Our objective is not explaining math concepts and interpreting reading passages. Instead, we teach you effective strategies and skills that induce your full potential and help students achieve your dream score. 


Take a FREE SAT practice test first so our tutors can analyze your strengths and weaknesses to develop a personalized curriculum. 


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Target Score Guarantee System

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Onsite & Online SAT Test Preparation Programs

SAT Math Test Prep - 25 mins / 55 mins

The SAT Math covers various math concepts from basic arithmetic operation to Algebra 1 to Geometry to Algebra 2 & Trigonometry. However, SAT math is not about testing you on every math concept. It is all about measuring practical analytical skills and testing the problem solving and modeling.

In our SAT Math prep course, students will  learn:


  1. Core concepts in Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry.

  2. Analyzing science, engineering, and social science data.

  3. fundamentals in Statistics and Probability.


Basic SAT Prep

This class is designed for 9th and 10th graders who want to familiarize themselves with the new SAT. This class covers the basic strategies for the SAT I and focuses on the fundamentals

Advanced SAT Prep
This review course is recommended for 11th and 12th graders who want to fine-tune their strategies to achieve that perfect 1600 on the SAT. The focus of this course will be on the difficult problems on the SAT and practice/review. 


SAT Subject Test Preparation (formerly SAT II)

We offer SAT Subject Test Prep for all math (IC & IIC) and science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). These classes are recommended for students who have taken at least one semester's worth of their respective test subjects. The class takes place during the weekdays and lasts 2 hours. 

PSAT / NMSQT Preparation

PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board and co-sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). This prep course is for high school juniors and younger students, focusing on math, reading, and writing

+Many More!

THiNK PREP is a standardized test prep expert. We offer small group sessions for the regents, common core, Hunter entrance exam, and more! We can also assist you with the ACT , TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, DAT, and MCAT via private tutoring.

SAT Reading Test Prep  - 65 mins

In the reading section, students will have five passages to read and 52 questions to answer within only 65 minutes. It is very important to know the essential reading strategies, and have a right way of studying specifically for SAT test.

In our SAT Reading test prep program, students will learn:


  1. Techniques to tackle reading problems such as using the context clues to determine the exact meaning of the tested words or phrases in a given passage.

  2. Enhance the skill of finding core-evidence.

  3. Comprehend words in context, know how to find and analyze evidence.


SAT Writing & Language Test Prep - 35 mins

The SAT writing section tests students on both standard conventions of writing and effective use of language. In this section, students will have 44 questions to complete within 35 minutes. Although students have less than a minute to answer each question, it is very doable with the right approach. ​

Students in our SAT Writing & Language test prep will learn:

  1. Understand the possible relationships between ideas.

  2. Fix mistakes in sentences and passages and revise them.

  3. Express an idea that most clearly or that best accomplishes a given goal.


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