July 1 ~ Aug. 24

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Leadership-based Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to assist potential youth leaders to encompass themselves with leadership and develop life skills to strengthen self-image.

Low Student-teacher ratio

We have very low student/faculty ratio which is 5:1, and it makes the environment for tutors to pay close attention on individual. 

High admission percentage:

Our tutors are alumni of HCHS/ specialized HS who are professional in admission process and educating students.

Exclusive course activities:

Various courses are prepared for students to train them through realistic practice exam and maximize their writing abilities and creativities.

15+ years of experiences

2019 Summer HCHS Prep Course


07/01/19 ~ 08/24/19


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Want expert advice on choosing the right prep?


HCHS Math Test Prep -

30 multiple-choice problems

The HCHS Mathematics exam isn't about testing your math skills and knowledge. But the Mathematics section requires students to know various problem-solving abilities involving estimation, computations with fractions, decimals, percents and integers (including negative numbers), rules of divisibility, simple probability, rate, average, ratio, time, money, area of shaded regions, perimeter, counting, visual and numerical pattern recognition, and three dimensional figures

In our HCHS Math prep course, students will learn through: 

  1. Core concepts in Math text followed by common core.

  2. Consistent Math test and analyze individual's weaknesses based on the test result.

  3. Intensive test-taking environment being proctored by tutors.

HCHS Critical Reading Test Prep -

50 multiple-choice problems

In the critical reading section, students will be tested their reading ability. There will be questions to answer about specific reading passages to prove your ability to understand, interpret, and analyze multiple types of writing

In our HCHS ELA prep course, students will learn:

  1. Techniques to tackle reading problems such as using the context clues to determine the exact meaning of the tested words or phrases in a given passage.

  2. Enhance the skill of finding core-evidence.

  3. Comprehend words in context, know how to find and analyze evidence. 

HCHS Writing Assignment Prep 

The last part of HCHS is creative writing. The students will write either an essay about specific topics or a creative piece to demonstrate the originality, effectiveness, and use of detail in the passage. Scrap paper will be given during the exam to jot down, outline students' thoughts, or form a draft before writing the full assignment. 


In our HCHS Writing prep course, students will learn: 


  1. Understand the possible relationships between idea.

  2. Fix mistakes in sentences and passages and revise them.

  3. Express an idea that most clearly or that best accomplishes a given goal.

Additional Prep


12 Different SHSAT

Mock Exam

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Our Students' scores raised by 20% in average after the summer program

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