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College Educational Consulting

Internships & Volunteer Activities

One of the key components for any application is having the experience that supports the student's passions and academic direction. We can help you discover your potential to foster your growth outside of the classrooms. 

Research Opportunities 
Students interested in pursuing a career in science - BSMD joint programs and/or engineering programs - often go beyond the classes offered by their schools to partake in advanced research. We can help the student to gain real life hands on experience before college. 

Scholarships & Competitions

There are a great number of scholarships and competitions available to middle school and high school students. Whether it's art, music, science, English, or math, we can help the student challenge him/herself. 

Financial Aid & Consultation 

The cost of college is daunting for many. Let us help you sort out the details and the college application process from a financial standpoint. FAFSA, CSS, scholarships and other forms of financial aid are all within reach. 

College Essays 

College essays are now more important than ever. We help you through the brainstorming and the organization process. We focus on bringing out the best of each student to make them shine as unique applicants on paper. 


Planning & Beyond

Our consultation doesn't stop at the high school level. We are more than just consultants, we are mentors. Through the consulting process, we foster positive habits and skills that the student can use in college and in life. 

Our Solutions

Call us for: SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT, SHSAT, ISEE, SSAT AP tests, College Consulting, Essay tutoring, Tutoring, Test Prep, and more! 

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