Why Learn to Code?

Develop technical and non-technical skills 

  • Problem Solving

  • Math Skills

  • Algorithmic Thinking 

  • Systematic Thinking 

Prepare Ahead 

  • School  

  • Software Engineer Career

  • High School Internships

Applications in Math

  • interconnect math with programming knowledge 

Our Program

The main goals of this course are to develop basic programming skills, improve algorithmic thinking & systematic thinking, and creating a pathway to many specializations (web development, mobile development, AI programming, and more). Our program challenges students with developing multiple games that require logical and algorithmic thinking in a fun way. There will be at least one exercise per course to practice skills learned in class. After this course, students will be able to apply knowledge learned from the course to create many different applications and games.

Summer Test Preparation Programs

Intensive PSAT/SAT/ACT Preparation1 week 

The SAT 1 has changed significantly in 2016. This means that the current freshmen high school students will have to take the changed SAT. The new SAT is geared towards a more “evidence-based” reading, writing, and mathematics questions. The new SAT is expected to focus more on critical thinking and deciphering key pieces of information from a graphs or datasets or passages. The details about the test can be found at www.collegeboard.org.


Think Prep has redesigned summer SAT program based on the changes of new SAT. The redesigned 1-week intensive SAT program focuses a few important topics. For students who are interested in preparing for the new SAT, we will focus loosely on the ACT writing and English sections to start. We will also teach effective math skills for NO calculator math section. In addition to this fundamental prep, we will focus more on data analysis and graph analysis for the mathematics sections with a heavier focus on algebra 1 and algebra 2 curricula.

College Essay Writing- 7 weeks

This course is a workshop for seniors writing their common application essays. The class will start with brainstorming ideas and ultimately writing a perfect common application essay. The classes will continue on after the summer.



Intensive SAT Subject Test Preparation - 7 weeks

We offer SAT Subject Test Prep for all math (IC & IIC) and science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). These classes are recommended for students who have taken at least one semester's worth of their respective test subjects. The class takes place during the weekdays and lasts 2 hours. 


SSAT/SHSAT Preparation- 7 weeks 

This class is designed for Middle School and/or High School entrance prep. The classes are rigorous with an initial three-week fundamental sectional focus. The rest of the program is focused on rigorous practice and review. The students will be prepped for the October exam. 


Junior Math and Computer Programming- 2 weeks + 1 week 

This program is a hybrid course for young students that consists of reinforcing fundamental concepts of math and learning programming. The course does not teach a specific programming language, but it introduces students to the world of computer science and programming. Throughout this course, students will develop analytic and creative skills for problem-solving.


+Many More!

We offer an extensive array of subjects including AMC, creative writing, algebra1, geometry, Algebra2 and trig, AP sciences, earth science, U.S. history, etc. Please ask us other subjects. If it's academic, we can help!

Call us for: SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT, SHSAT, ISEE, SSAT AP tests, College Consulting, Essay tutoring, Tutoring, Test Prep, and more! 


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