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Why It's Important To Send Your Child To After School

After school programs serve a greater purpose than just providing a safe environment for students to do their homework and study. After school programs actually encompass a wide range of focus in areas such as academic support, behavioral, and youth development for students of all ages. The activities students participate and engage in after school have a huge impact on their overall development as a person, emphasizing the importance of attending an after school program.

  1. Overall Improvement On Their Academic Performance: This one is a no brainer. Students who attend after school programs not only have a secure place to do their homework, but also have a support system to help and guide them along the way. Research has shown that over 40% of students who attend after school programs have seen an improvement in both math and reading. In addition, research has shown that those who engage in an after school program are less likely to dropout of school and become more confident with their overall academic performance.

  2. Behavioral/Youth Development: Who, what, and where. Who students choose to hang out, what they do, and where they do certain activities after school will have a major impact on how the student develops both mentally and behaviorally. During certain phases in their lives, students are more likely to become easily pressured and succumb to the activities their friends/peers are participating in. That is why participating in an after school program is crucial during their developmental phase. After schools provide a safe and positive environment for students to grow in. It has been proven that, students who

  1. Safe Environment: Most students come from a home where both parents are busy working, and we all know how difficult it is for parents to juggle both caring for their child properly and maintaining a career. By sending your child to an after school program it lifts a huge burden off parent’s shoulder because they no longer have to worry about who they need to arrange to pick up their child after school or where they are going to be. An after school reassures parents that their child is in a safe environment with people they can trust while spending their time wisely. So come and send your child over to THiNK PREP! We promise that with our loving and supportive team your child will not only flourish academically, but also as a person. We guarantee you 100% happiness.

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