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How To End The Spring Semester With a BANG!

As the spring semester comes to a closing chapter, and with summer vacation only a month and half away it’s easy for students to start feeling unmotivated and lazy especially high school seniors. However, spring is the perfect time to prepare and get yourself in shape for the next upcoming semester, so you can enjoy and make the most out of your summer vacation! Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your (educational) game:

Freshman: Congratulations! You’re almost done with your first year of high school, and now it is time to prepare for your second year. It only gets tougher from here so let’s make sure you’re well equipped for what’s about to come!

  • Prepare for the PSAT: Although it may just be a practice version of the SAT, it will give you an understanding of which subject(s) you may need more help/focus on.

  • Look for more extracurricular activities: Find a few clubs inside and outside of school. This will not only help build your resume and make it stand out to colleges, but it will also help spark an interest in what you may want to study for in the future.

  • Take on more leadership roles: It is never too early to start preparing yourself for college. College admission boards want to see what makes you stand out and want to know why they should choose you instead of the other applicants, and what better way than to show them what kind of leader you are!

  • Build on resume and interest: This goes hand in hand with the two points above it. You want to make sure your resume jumps out and captures the interest of future college admission boards!

  • Take on couple of honor classes to prepare for AP classes: AP classes are extremely important and useful when it comes to applying for colleges, so make sure you’re taking the right ones for you! Visit your school counselor today and discuss what type of honor classes you would like to take next fall as a sophomore. Just imagine honor classes as a free trial course before committing to AP classes!

Sophomores: What a year it has been! You’re almost halfway done with your high school career, and the most important year of all is right around the corner! Time to gear up!

  • Prep for PSAT: You have just taken your first ever PSAT last fall, and now you have an understanding of what you will need to study up on. Take it seriously this upcoming summer and prep the right way! because when you take it next fall in your junior year this is where it will count the most. Those who receive a high score have the possibility of receiving a $2,500 scholarship reward from the National Merit Scholarship Program. (It’s basically like getting paid to take the exam!!!)

  • Research what kind of AP classes to take: Wrapping up on your honor classes and now it is time to commit to AP classes. Not only will these classes show colleges how serious you are about your academics, but if you score above a 3 on the AP exam most colleges/universities will accept them as a college credit! WOW what a way to save time and money!

  • Sign up for SAT/ACT prep classes: This is the BIG one! We all know how much of an impact SAT/ACT has on your college decision. So don’t wait till the last minute to start studying, take this time to research and find the right prep course site for you! Luckily, THiNKPREP offers a plethora of courses and specifically tailored courses for you!

  • Visit college campuses: It’s never too early to go and visit different college campuses to figure out which campus is the perfect fit for you.

  • Extra Curricular Activities: Really narrow down, focus, and get involved in a few extra curricular activities you are interested in to show colleges what inspires you. On top of that, by focusing on a few extra curricular activities this will give you the opportunity to take on potential leadership roles within that group!

Juniors: So close to the finish line, but not quite there yet. Keep those engines going and stay motivated!

  • Take and keep preparing for the SAT/ACT: You will most likely have to take the SAT/ACT one or two more times before officially sending it off to colleges. So stay on track and stay well equipped for the next exam!

  • Take a few more AP courses: Keep on adding onto your academics to show colleges how serious you are about your academics! Need some help studying and preparing for the AP exams coming up? Click here, THiNKPREP has your back!

  • College courses in High School: Your school may be partnered with a neighboring college! That means they offer certain courses at a college level for college credit at your school. Ask your counselor today about this opportunity and get ahead in the game!

  • Research and visit college campuses: If you haven’t gone on a college road trip yet, take some time out of your spring/summer break to go and visit! You want to make sure that the campus life is the right fit for you, because for the next four years that will be your home.

  • Look into scholarship and financial aid programs: We all know college isn’t cheap, so start researching different scholarship and financial aid programs! Make sure you meet/can fulfill the requirements needed before it’s too late!

  • Seek college advisement/counseling: Need some extra guidance before making a commitment? Come make an appointment with THiNKPREP today! We have experienced college board admission staff who can help and answer all your questions! (Did we mention we have someone from Harvard admission on our team as well!?)

  • Make a list of possible majors: Making a list can help you narrow down your college list and see which schools offer the best academic courses for your future!

  • Research and find the perfect internship/volunteer opportunity: Adding these experiences onto your resume will really make you stand out to the admission boards and future employers!

Seniors: It’s the final stretch for you guys! Don’t fall into the tempting hands of senioritis, here are some tips to keep you going:

  • Finalize your scholarship and financial aid packets: With all the acceptance letter pouring in it’s hard to choose the right one. Really think about what school will fit you best both academically and financially.

  • Go on one more road trip: Go with your friends and family before committing to a college campus. Make sure that this is where you want to spend the next four years! You don't want to wake up one day and regret the decision you made, because these next four years will be the best years of your life guaranteed.

  • Find another internship/volunteer program: Not only will this keep you busy during the summer it also shows college and future employers how serious you are about reaching your future goals!

  • Relax and enjoy the time you have left at home!: You deserve a round of applause for not only finishing four years of high school, but also opening a new chapter of your life!


  • Study and prepare for regents exams: Did you know, that some colleges will take some of the regents exams you have taken and convert them into college credits?! BUT that is only if you score a high enough grade, so get to studying!

  • Keep up your grades!!!: GPA is another huge factor when applying to different colleges/universities, but did you know it also affects what kind of scholarships you can receive? Certain scholarships require you to maintain and have a specific GPA to even be considered! SENIORS just because you have been accepted and sent out all the proper paper works to your dream school, does not mean the school is not going to withdraw their offer once they see a dip in your grade. They want to know you're serious about academics. Keep that in mind!

**Have a wonderful rest of the year and congratulations to graduating seniors! - Love THiNKPREP**

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