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Back to School Priorities

To help students stay afloat during the rush of Back to School, THiNK PREP has made a simple list of priorities students should keep in mind as they delve into the new school year. We’ve likened a school application to an ice cream cone, and how a student's academics make up the components of his own appealing application that admissions can’t deny.

The Sprinkles - Final Touch

Extracurricular Activities

High schools and especially colleges seek students who are active inside and outside the classroom. Beyond earning high scores and good grades, students must forge their own identities by participating in extracurricular activities that they are genuinely interested in. This sincerity goes a long way: schools find it appealing when students are executive members of clubs, captains of their teams, or leaders of their volunteer communities. In that regard, extracurricular activities are like the sprinkles or cherry-on-top that distinguish your application from the rest and help you stand out among the hundreds of thousands of applicants.

If you are an aspiring musician, take a listen to self-composed songs of Jiwon, one of our excellent students!

The Scoop - Structure

Standardized Tests

For or against standardized tests, one truth remains: doing well on them reflects positively on your application. Whether you decide to take the SAT or ACT, results from both tests are judged impartially by colleges (read more about the differences between the ACT and SAT). Standardized tests are more difficult to study for since the materials for them are not taught in public schools. However, high score on standardized tests show schools that the student has studied on his own time and display his intelligence in critical thinking and logical reasoning. To see how you can adequately prepare for your entrance exams, book a FREE diagnostic / practice test here.

The Cone - Foundation

Grade Point Average

Grade Point Averages, albeit straightforward, reflect a multitude of positive qualities. A student with a higher GPA displays diligence and effort. If the student participates in extracurricular activities, maintaining a high GPA becomes an even more impressive feat. This tells schools that the student has good study habits, can manage his time, and reliably perform on a routine basis. Even if the student experiences a rocky start in the beginning of his middle-school or high-school career, schools like to see him bounce back and improve over time. Alternatively, if a student excels from the beginning, that student should endeavor to make excellence a standard for his subsequent years.

All these parts are quintessential to a student's application. The student's ability to compel schools to grant him acceptance depends on how well he manages these different facets. THiNK PREP has released an enhanced Mentorship Program for the school year to help students manage all three aspects of their academic careers. Don't miss a FREE 45min session for College Consulting. To learn more about our program, please give us a call at (212) 686-5077 or email us at

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