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Hello all.

Thanks for visiting ThinkPrep.

Although we've been around for quite some time, it's only recently that we started updating our website - i.e. this News & Updates section. Therefore, it will take a bit of time before this section fills up with interesting information about the college application process or the new SAT or the ACT etc.. Still, I wanted to get started on letting you know about some of the projects that we are doing (I'm super excited about some of them).

Most namely, I'm excited about This is a website that the students at ThinkPrep to provide creative ways to help their communities. Their first project is about running a one day (perhaps two) restaurant for charity during the holidays. Check back often to see how it's progressing!

On another note... I know that some of you, basically the seniors, must be incredibly stressed out from the college application process. Yes, it's rough. Yes, it'll take a lot of time. The best advice I can give to you seniors is to divide up the process into manageable portions. Yes, you've heard that one before. Yes, you will most likely procrastinate anyway. Nonetheless, even if you do procrastinate... or planning to procrastinate (if that's even a thing), it'll still help you, believe it or not, to make a list of manageable "to do's." Doing this makes you think and thinking eventually (hopefully) leads to action.

So where should you be by now?

For one, you should have your recommendations and college essay some what planned. For those of you who applied early somewhere then this is already done so no worries.

You should also have a solid list of schools. Tweak it, fine tune it, make sure you don't only focus on one aspect of the list - i.e. dream schools or safety schools. Be realistic, but understand that you only get one shot at this thing so make a good list.

I know, the longer the list, more essays. Make a list of the supplement essays and make sure you understand all the requirements. Some schools require you to submit additional recommendations. Other schools require portfolios. You should know exactly what each school requires and should have a clean cut table that you can check off (I recommend my students to make a spreadsheet).

Now write. Find the time to research the schools. Find the time to write. These essays are personal and they will require time and many edits. Dedicate some time every day to think about the essays, to do research into the schools, to put something down on paper.

Hmm... this turned out to be a longer entry than I had originally intended. Anyway, check back often for updates!

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